Services Overview

We are not generalists; we are specialists tightly focused on online accessibility, and we are good at our specialty.

We can provide our services on a fixed-price, fixed-schedule basis for any size project, but we also offer something none of our competitors can. We have an efficient task order (aka work authorization) system using eTaskBoard®, an automated cloud-based software application. With eTaskBoard removing the overhead, you can use online forms to quickly and easily submit a task as small as a single web page or PDF document. Imagine validating our capability with a real deliverable via a 2-hour task at our standard $49/hr labor rate.

To help navigate what may be new to website managers, we break our online accessibility services into categories to match your particular needs with our core competancy in the first two:

Document Remediation (PDFs)

Automation tools and techniques we've developed to empower our analysts to do this fast, affordably, and right the first time.

Website Accessibility Audits

Our audit reports don't just tell you what's wrong. We include clear remediation instructions and as much support as you need.

Collaborative Accessibility Portal

Collaborative Accessibility Portal Replaces your website's dreary accessibility statement with what the disabled really need, a help desk to empower them to make best use of your website -- and then grow it into a community of the disabled who likes your website.

Staff Accessibility Support

A quick and simple way to help your staff deal with online accessibility questions.

Substantial Site Determination

Remediating a web page is one thing, but first you must determine which pages to remediate out of many thousands on your website. Let Access2online apply our experience and tools to answer this question using standards like WCAG-EM.

Targeted Instruction

Targeted Accessibility Instruction Sheets tailored to your staff's specific job responsibilities.

Web Redesign Support

Let Access2online join your website redesign team to make sure the deliverable is accessible to the disabled.