Where We're Going

Given the cost-effectiveness of our services and the talent we've collected here, we plan to grow to three dozen analysts within a couple years. We have bigger plans than that however.

Access2online is the first implementation of our eTaskBoard software application, the first of its kind to securely transmit work tasks from the internet to prison inmates and then their work product back to the internet customer. Within the prison system, many managers are watching us as an experiment to see if our business model can be replicated at other prisons in other specialties besides auditing websites for accessibility to people with disabilities.

That is the brass ring on this merry-go-round, to replicate our ability to empower released inmates with skillsets that have a better future than making license plates, to improve the economics fueling our country's disgraceful recidivism rate.

As part of this strategy, we have established a 501(c) non-profit corporation called Second Chance Net, Inc. into which we will transfer the replications we envision creating Second Chance Incubators across our state prison system. For more information or to get involved please visit our Second Chance Net Website.

Driving this is my personal experience with the limitless talent available in our prisons, and the work ethic of a person driven by a second chance.

– Peter Shikli

Let our analysts tell you why we're doing this