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If you wish a quote to remediate PDFs, EPUBs, MS Word, InDesign, etc, you can attach some sample document files or use the "URL" field to point us to where we can find such samples or the entire batch of files, for example a DropBox or Google Docs location -- which is the right approach for many files or large files. The same is true for captioning video files to make them accessible.

If you wish us to bid the auditing of a website for accessibility, put its URL in the "URL" field, along with a few words about that in the "Notes" area.

You don't need to use any of those fields if you have a request for our other accessibility services. Just summarize your request in the "Notes" area and fill in at least your "Email" field.

If you have many files, or files larger than 5 MB, let us know and we'll give you several options to get that to us.