About Us - Our Background

Bizware Online Applications, Inc., was our holding corporation, started 25 years ago as a handful of programmers writing custom software for database applications. In 1995, we switched all programming activities from the desktop to the internet. Since then, we have designed over 400 websites, mostly their backend programming. In 2003, we fielded a collection of online software tools that were integrated into eTaskBoard, a commercial software application to manage the emerging virtual workforce, aka teleworkers.

E-Biz Bizware Online Applications

With our mission to build online business communities using eTaskBoard, we stumbled upon a huge potential virtual workforce with a serious commuting problem, 2.3 million Americans in prison. Not only could these inmates use our help building job skills with a future, but they're willing to work hard to earn a place in their communities upon release. Access2online's work is done by the inmates at the Coffee Creek Correctional Facility, a women's prison in Oregon.

eTaskBoard needed a specialty, and within our web-building expertise, we saw a growing need to make minor adjustments to websites to deliver a major improvement in the way the blind and the visually impaired make use of the internet. Helping inmates start a productive new life and helping the blind to get on the information highway -- what's not to like?

With the success and plans for expansion, we decided it was time to incorporate Access2online. In December of 2019, Access2online Inc. was born as its own S-corp. bringing along all the talent and experience since operations began in 2017. Our corporation status changed but our mission remains the same.

Access2online inmate analysts at computer desks