Access2online Can Now Handle Most Any language

World globe with flags

07/26/21 - Broadening our horizons, Access2online has joined with ASTA-USA Translations Inc to make websites and online documents accessible in any major world language.

Access2online Inc announces today that is has partnered with ASTA-USA Translations, one of the world’s largest and longest-established translation services providers. Their specialist linguists can translate content to or from any major language in the world.

That now means Access2online can audit websites for accessibility, and remediate PDFs and other online documents in almost any language. When it comes to captioning videos or producing their transcripts or audio descriptions, language is no longer a barrier with ASTA-USA carrying out the translation or copy editing.

If an authority or jurisdiction stipulates that certain content has to be accessible, the same is true for any translated content. That includes localizing all the hidden tags required by disabled users. Between Access2online and ASTA-USA, documentation and online content will be understood—and compliant.

Peter Shikli, CEO of Acce2online, said today: “We are delighted that we have found the right partner for translating all content. With ASTA-USA’s help, we can make websites and documentation accessible to everyone—in virtually any language.”