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Accessibility Support Services Evaluation Criteria

Below is a table of evaluation criteria to take to vendor presentations and management meetings. Use it to compare vendors as well as in-house services to audit an agency's website for accessibility.

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Evaluation Criteria




Name of vendor or internal department


Your criteria #1:

Your criteria #2:


At least 2 years of experience auditing websites to regulations similar to AB - 434 standards?

Experience auditing the websites of a major government agency for accessibility?

Number of experienced accessibility analysts?


Part of an agency's response committee to a judicial complaint?

Experienced with WCAG 2.0 and WCAG 2.1?

Are references available?


Trusted Testers certified by the Office of Accessible Systems and Technology?

Web Accessibility Specialist certified by the International Association of Accessibility Professionals?

Works with web redesign team to make in-process mockups accessible?

Experienced selecting pages to audit per WCAG-EM methodology?

Remediates documents such as PDF, MS Word, Powerpoint?

Remediates audio, video, multimedia, and maps?

Complies to AB - 434

Complies to California's Unruh Act

Complies to Title II of the ADA?

Complies to Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act?

Structured, objective, written test procedures available to be evaluated by your IT staff?

Work samples available?

Capabilities interviews available?

Automation software empowers human analysts?

Services integrate with Monsido, Dinolytics, SiteImprove, etc.?

Audit the private-sector widgets and applications linked or integrated into agency website?


Besides listing violations, provides remediation suggestions matched to web designers workflow?

Unlimited debriefings, violation explanations, and remediation guidance?

Help develop a Remediation Plan with your staff?

Provides staff training materials to insure continued accessibility?

On site training?

Provides an accessibility seal of compliance and a Letter of Reasonable Accessibility?

Available to support staff's accessibility support requests?

Real-time accessibility support available for your disabled visitors?


CMAS certified vendor?


Certified Small Business?


Published hourly rate?


Their fixed-price proposal price option?


Their fixed-price delivery time?

_____ weeks

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